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Jawaker is a popular mobile application focused on traditional card and board games, particularly popular in the Middle East.
  1. -Click on the gear settings icon inside the Jawaker application.

  2. You will find the "Player Number", copy the ID.

  3. Go to and enter the ID and the code then click on Submit.


Why am I banned from chatting if I didn't do anything wrong?
They don't want anyone to be banned unfairly. If you find yourself banned with no reason, even though it's not very likely, please contact Jawaker support team. They'll assist you and solve the issue.
How can I change my name?
You can change your name for free the first time on Jawaker. After that, if you want to change it again, you can buy the feature using tokens. By following these steps: Click on the Settings icon on the main page. Next to your name, click on the "Change" icon. Purchase the name change feature. The name change feature will be  available to your account. Remember, you can buy the feature and use it whenever you want.
How can I set a profile picture?
Jawaker automatically set a default image for all its players. If you prefer using a personal photo, you can do so in this way: From the main page, click on the Settings icon. Click on the "Change" button below your picture. Choose "Upload profile picture"and upload  picture from your photo album. Note: you have to make sure that you are giving Jawaker app the access to your media through your device settings.