Google Play (KSA)

275.91 EGP

This product can only be activated in Saudi Arabia.

Get ready for a world of limitless entertainment with the Google Play Gift Card. Unlock a wide range of digital content, including apps, games, movies, TV shows, books, and more, available on the Google Play Store.

With the Google Play Gift Card, you can choose from millions of apps and games to enhance your mobile experience. Discover new favorites, level up your gaming skills, and explore a variety of entertainment options. Enjoy blockbuster movies, binge-worthy TV shows, and captivating ebooks on your Android device.

Redeem your Google Play Gift Card and gain access to a vast library of digital content. From the latest releases to timeless classics, there's something for everyone. Expand your horizons, fuel your passions, and stay entertained wherever you go.

The Google Play Gift Card also makes for a perfect gift for friends and family. Let them choose their favorite apps, games, or entertainment content to enjoy on their devices. It's a convenient and versatile present for any occasion.

Don't miss out on the endless possibilities. Purchase a Google Play Gift Card today and immerse yourself in a world of entertainment, creativity, and fun!

The card works in Saudi Arabia region only.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and select "Redeem" from the menu options. This will open the Redeem page.
  4. Carefully scratch off the protective coating on the back of your gift card to reveal the redemption code.
  5. Enter the redemption code in the provided field. Make sure to type it exactly as it appears, including any dashes or special characters.
  6. Tap on the "Redeem" button to apply the gift card to your Google Play account.
  7. Once the redemption is successful, the credit will be added to your account balance.
  8. You can now use the redeemed credit to make purchases on the Google Play Store, including apps, games, movies, books, and more.

Note: If you prefer to redeem the gift card on a computer, you can also visit and follow the instructions on the website.

Remember, Google Play gift cards can only be redeemed on devices with the Google Play Store app installed.


What is a Google Play gift card?
A Google Play gift card is a prepaid card that can be used to purchase various digital content, such as apps, games, movies, music, books, and more from the Google Play Store.
Can I use a Google Play gift card for in-app purchases?
Yes, you can use a Google Play gift card to make in-app purchases within apps and games that accept Google Play as a payment method.
What can I purchase with a Google Play gift card?
A Google Play gift card allows you to purchase a wide range of digital content, including apps, games, movies, TV shows, music, books, and more. You can explore and choose from millions of options available on the Google Play Store.