Clash of Clans

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Gems in Clash of Clans serve as the premium in-game currency. Players can acquire gems through various means, including completing achievements and removing obstacles from their village. Gems can be used to speed up construction and troop training, purchase resources, and buy special items.

  • Log into your Clash Of Clans account
  • Go to your account menu and click 'Settings'
  • Press the 'Redeem Gems' option
  • Enter your code and press 'Get' to redeem your gems.


What can I use gems for in Clash of Clans?
Gems can be used to speed up construction and upgrade times, instantly train troops, buy resources, and acquire special items such as the Builder's Hut or the Pirate Flag.
Can I use gems to win battles?
Gems cannot be directly used to win battles. They primarily facilitate the game's economy and progression by speeding up processes and acquiring resources.
Are gems transferable between players?
No, gems are not transferable between players. Each player's gem balance is unique to their account.
Are there any special events that reward gems?
Yes, Clash of Clans periodically features special events where players can earn bonus gems by completing specific in-game tasks or challenges.

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